Warhammer 40k Holiday League

There’s more missions, new titles to compete for, and a playoff finale. You’ll need a 1500-point army and a $10 entry for prizes. The kick-off event is Saturday, November 26.

Our Fall League was a huge success with 15 players over five weeks. Everyone was ready for more, so we’re running this league through the holidays to keep the momentum going. If you’re interested in the Holiday League, be sure to join the official forum thread for updates and match scheduling.

For the kick-off day on Saturday, November 26 we’ll reserve a few tables for the entire day. You can use the forum thread to schedule matches or just show up and play the first league player who comes in. Even though league play begins Thursday, November 17 we’ll take entries through Saturday the 26th. Remember, you only need four games before playoffs on Thursday, December 22.

Rules of War

The league will run from Thursday, November 17 through Thursday, December 29. League night is every Thursday except Thanksgiving, though you can schedule league games with an opponent at any time. We’ll hold playoffs during the last two league nights. You must complete at least four ranked matches to qualify for the playoffs.

Each game will use a random scenario taken from Warhammer 40,000: Battle Missions. In the book, each faction has three unique scenarios. At the start of each match, both players will roll a die. The scenario will come from the faction of the player with the high roll (reroll ties). That player then rolls a die: on a 1-2 use the first scenario, 3-4 use the second, 5-6 use the third. Follow all deployment and victory condition rules for that scenario.

We will have a store copy of Battle Missions for the league, though you might want to get your own to learn the scenarios. We’ll make copies of each scenario available for table use.


Each player will have a League Rank based on their average performance throughout the league. Each win is worth 1 League Point, each tie is worth one-half a League Point, and losses are worth nothing. Add up your points and divide by the number of games you’ve played for your League Rank. A number of the top-ranked players based on the size of the league will move on to the playoffs. The remaining players can continue to compete in normal league play.


Those entering playoffs will face off in single elimination brackets to reach the Final Battle. Army lists will be fixed during playoffs and posted publicly to the forum thread. Playoff matches will use the Annihilation scenario from the Warhammer 40,000 Core Rulebook. Ties will go into an overtime seventh round, or if one or both players cannot stay late ties go to the player whose remaining forces are worth more points.

The Final Battle will be scheduled between the two top players within a week of December 29, and we’ll do a full battle report on the website. The winner gets the Grand Champion prize!

All other players will compete for the Elite Warrior prize. Any who wish to continue can play two additional league games, and the player with the highest League Rank who did not enter the playoffs claims the title.

Comrades in Arms

We’re all about building a healthy community among our players, so after each game players will answer a few yes/no questions about their opponent’s attitude. Each yes earns a point towards that player’s Comrade Score. There will be several other opportunities to earn points for your Comrade Score, which will be announced on the forum thread.


As with our Fall League, we have a number of titles you can compete for. The prize value of each title will be based on how many players enter.

  • Grand Champion goes to the winner of the Final Battle.
  • Elite Warrior goes to the player with the best League Rank who did not enter the playoffs.
  • Sword of the Emperor goes to the Imperium player (Space Marine or Imperial Guard) with the highest League Rank.*
  • Xeno Scourge goes to the Xeno player (Elder, Dark Eldar, Ork, Tyranid, Tau or Necron) with the highest League Rank.*
  • Comrade in Arms goes to the player with the highest Comrade Score.

*Chaos and Daemon players will count toward whichever title has the least competing players.

Army Requirements

You have 1500 points to build an army using standard force allocation rules from your Codex. You can change your army list between regular league matches, but you must stick to the same Codex throughout the league.

Your army does not need to be painted to play. If you field unpainted models, we strongly recommend at least priming them or painting their bases a color to distinguish units.

You can proxy models if you own the physical model or have it on order through us. Verify with your opponent that any proxies are easy to recognize as what they represent. Proxies must have the same base size and take up roughly the same or more volume for line-of-sight purposes.

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