Pokémon City Championship

Pokémon City Championships are coming to +1 Gaming! The tournament is Saturday, November 26 – registration starts at 1pm, the first round is at 2.

The Pokémon TCG City Championships are title events operated by independent Tournament Organizers, where players in each of the three POP-recognized age divisions can earn the title of City Champion! Results of the City Championships count toward your Premier Ratings!

All Play! Pokémon Play Premier Events in North America are free! That’s right—there is no admission fee for a City Championship! The tournament is run using the Modified Constructed Format and Age Modified Swiss pairings. Visit the Pokémon City Championships FAQ for details.

Please make sure you’re ready with a legal deck by reviewing the legal sets for the Modified Format.

The City Championships series will have a K-Value of 16. For more information on how the K-Value affects your Premier Rating, please see the Ratings and Rankings FAQ.

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