Malifaux Achievement Tournament

We have something special this month for Malifaux. For the Achievement Tournament, you play as many games as you’re able and compete for achievements (listed below). Your best three games are worth Achievement Points. The highest score wins!

Registration starts at 10am, tournament goes from 11 to 5pm. Each game is 30 soulstones. Entry is $10. You can take a lunch break whenever you want.

You win by accumulating the most Achievement Points. Only your top 3 games will count, and you can play as many as you like in the 6 hours. You earn Achievement Points each game by (1 each unless specified):

  • Playing a game
  • Winning a game
  • Playing a new opponent
  • Using a new master
  • Having a fully painted crew
  • Using a Twisting Fates model
  • Using an avatar
  • Manifesting the avatar
  • Winning with only one scheme
  • Winning with no schemes (+2)
  • Let your opponent pick your strategy and win
  • No soulstone chache at the start of the game and win (you may choose to start with an empty cache on purpose even if your master has a starting cache)
  • Getting maximum Victory Points
  • Killing two or more models in one round
  • Killing your opponent’s master
  • Killing your opponent’s avatar
  • Opponent has no models left at game end
  • Control three or more table quarters (have more models in each quarter than your opponent)
  • Prevent your opponent from getting any Victory Points

There will be prizes for first, second, and third place as well as best sportsman and best painted.

2 responses to “Malifaux Achievement Tournament”

  1. Dustin says:

    What day is the tournament?

  2. Dustin says:

    Never mind I found it, November 12. I might be able to make this one.