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Munchkin Holiday Release Party

Munchkin Axe Cop and Munchkin Reindeer Games release this holiday season! We’re throwing a Release Party on Saturday, December 3 at 5pm. We’ll play plenty of Munchkin and give away some awesome promotional goodies.

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Open Thanksgiving

We’re open from 6pm to Midnight on Thanksgiving Thursday. Come get your holiday game on!

Malifaux Mondays

Every Monday we’re setting some tables aside for Malifaux! Bring your crew, come try a demo, or just hang out. You can play, paint, swap tactics, and we’ll run regular leagues from time to time.

Pokémon City Championship

Pokémon City Championships are coming to +1 Gaming! The tournament is Saturday, November 26 – registration starts at 1pm, the first round is at 2.

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Warhammer 40k Holiday League

There’s more missions, new titles to compete for, and a playoff finale. You’ll need a 1500-point army and a $10 entry for prizes. The kick-off event is Saturday, November 26.

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D&D Encounters: Beyond the Crystal Cave

The new season of D&D Encounters starts Wednesday, November 16 at 7pm! This is the best way to try a roleplaying game for the first time or squeeze a game into a busy schedule. We’re making characters for the first session.

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Pathfinder Society, Session 2

The next Pathfinder Society game is Saturday, November 12 at 6pm. New players are always welcome! The Gamemaster will be here at 4 if you have questions or want help getting started. Here’s the official event at and more information about PFS.

Hordes: Domination Release Event

Unleash the fury of war! Our Hordes: Domination event is Saturday, November 19. Registration starts at 11am, first round at Noon; entry is $8 for prizes. Best overall and in each faction takes home their faction’s new warlock!

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Necrons Release Saturday

The new Necrons release Saturday, November 5! Check out our full preview here.

Malifaux Achievement Tournament

We have something special this month for Malifaux. For the Achievement Tournament, you play as many games as you’re able and compete for achievements (listed below). Your best three games are worth Achievement Points. The highest score wins!

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