Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Our first Warhammer Fantasy tournament was a big success! The next one’s right around the corner on Saturday, October 29 starting at 10am. Bring a 2500-point army. Entry is $5 for prize support.


The following are not allowed at the tournament.

  • Book of Hoeth
  • Teclis

There will be three unique scenarios customized for this tournament. They will be posted below soon for army preperation. Unless otherwise noted victory conditions will be determined by the scenario. Victory points for units at or under half strength and those units fleeing at the end of the battle will be worth half points for your opponents. You will be required to bring at least three copies of your army list to the tournament. One copy for yourself of course, one for your opponents to view during the tournament, and one for the judge to verify at any point during the tournament. Having all three copies of your army list with you at the tournament AND showing up on time will score you an additional ONE (1) bonus point to your total score. Lastly, any dice used at the tournament should be made available to your opponent to use as well and good sportsmanship is a must.


At the start of the game, after deployment, but before vanguard moves, roll for each Forest on the Mysterious Forest chart. All other terrain is considered to be ordinary and uses the rules located in the Warhammer Rulebook with the following exception: The maximum number of models to enter a building is 40 for Infantry and 24 for Monstrous Infantry.

Our organizer has an official forum thread for questions.

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