Meet the New Hire

Our search has come to its end, and in a familiar place. The new full-time member to our team is Eric Ernewein. You may know Eric from Tuesdays, since he’s been giving us a night off every week since we opened. Eric is a hardcore worker, knows nearly every game around and has been a part of the local gaming community for over a decade.

Serious business.

When we decided to hire a full-time employee, Eric was a natural choice. He’s worked here, he’s a personal friend, and he’s qualified. Which is exactly why we did not initially hire him, but cast a wide net to look for the most extraordinary person we could find who’d work for the pittance we can pay. We believe in the health and strength of the whole community, and simply hiring our friends is not the way to ensure it.

However, after an extensive process Eric remained the stand-out choice. He’s dedicated, knowledgeable, hard-working, intelligent and brings a lot to our team.

That’s not to say he didn’t have tough competition. Several people brought valuable and unique skills to the table.¬†We’re looking to work with them on a smaller scale to get the best of all options. This should all open up new and exciting options to our (all of our) little shop. Look forward to some more announcements through the end of the year while we get our plans set up.

3 responses to “Meet the New Hire”

  1. mindwarpusa says:

    As it should have been from the start.

  2. Chris says:

    Good deal! :D

  3. md3 says:

    Great worker!