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Meet the New Hire

Our search has come to its end, and in a familiar place. The new full-time member to our team is Eric Ernewein. You may know Eric from Tuesdays, since he’s been giving us a night off every week since we opened. Eric is a hardcore worker, knows nearly every game around and has been a part of the local gaming community for over a decade.

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Halloween Weekend Awesomeness

This weekend’s loaded with awesome events! Saturday morning is our Warhammer Fantasy Battles tournament. Our Play Scared! kids event starts at 2pm, and our grown-ups costume contest is at 6. We’ll have spooky games all Saturday and a midnight movie.

Sunday is the Pokemon Noble Victories prerelease! Register at 1, play starts at 2. Magic Game Day starts Sunday at 3, and we’re giving a box to first place!

Plus, our Halloween Sale starts NOW! All horror-themed items are 15% off through Halloween. That includes anything with werewolf, zombie, horror, or Cthulhu in the name; all White Wolf products; Halloween novelties and costumery; et cetera.

Pokemon Noble Victories Prerelease

Get Noble Victories early with our Prerelease Tournament! Each player will get free Noble Victories packs to build a 40-card deck with. Our organizers will be on-hand to answer specific questions and give instructions. Entry is $25 for the packs.

Registration starts at 1pm. The tournament starts at 2pm. Be sure to get here on time!

Opening Mondays!

Starting in November +1 Gaming will be open Mondays! We’ll have our regular weekday hours of Noon to 10pm.

Want to see a particular game or event Monday nights? We’d love to hear from you. Comment here or send us an email.

Necrons New Releases

Warhammer 40k’s Necrons are getting a huge update! The first releases come November 5, and we’re taking pre-orders. We have a full list of upcoming products.

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Innistrad Game Day

Game Day is coming, and we’re giving away a full 36-pack booster box! This’ll be a standard-constructed, type 2 tournament. Entry is $15. Registration starts at 2:30. We’ll have tiered prizes based on the number of entrants.

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Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Our first Warhammer Fantasy tournament was a big success! The next one’s right around the corner on Saturday, October 29 starting at 10am. Bring a 2500-point army. Entry is $5 for prize support.

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Magic Draft Moves to Wednesday

Our regular Thursday Magic Draft is moving to Wednesdays, based on a survey of Magic players here last week. Of the 13 who filled out our survey, 11 voted for Wednesday. We’re here for you, the players, so we’re glad to make the change.

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Munchkin Tournament

Saturday, October 8 is Board Game Saturday, and it’s time for our semi-monthly Munchkin Tournament! The action starts at 5pm. Entry is $3 for prizes.

Board Game Saturday is every month on the first Saturday of the month (except this one – sorry if that’s confusing). The tables are open for any and all board games. You can bring a game or twelve or just show up and find a spot. We also have several games available for demos.

Now Hiring!

© Wizards of the Coast

Thanks to everyone who responded! We are no longer taking applications for this position.

We’re hiring an epic level employee for +1 Gaming! We will customize the position to fit the best person. Inescapable duties include customer service, retail counter-jockeying, manual labor and being awesome. Possible other projects include marketing, organizing events, online sales, and accounting.

This is a full-time, hourly position. The hourly wage will be $8 to $10, based on ability. The schedule will include afternoons, evenings, and weekends. We will work with the needs of the right person.

The ideal candidate:

  • has Wisdom 13+, Charisma 13+, and a good or lawful-neutral alignment
  • has 2+ years’ relevant experience
  • is a fast learner
  • shows initiative and creativity
  • brings unique skills to the team
  • works well in a team and solo
  • is well acquainted with geek culture and a variety of games

+1 Gaming is a gamer community first. You will be a leader! You’ll need an outstanding attitude, patience, and ability to relate to a wide range of personalities, tastes and ages. You will set a positive example.

After that, we’re a retail store and events nexus. We sell board games, card games, miniature war games, roleplaying games, hobby supplies and novelties. We run events every day of the week. Each game is unique, and you will need to grok most of them.

To apply, send us your resume with a cover letter telling us why we should hire you. You can drop it off in person at 4201 Veterans Blvd., Suite A3, Metairie, LA 70006 or email it to with “Awesomest” somewhere in the subject.

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