Warhammer 40k Fall League

Welcome back to the 41st Millennium! We’re starting a Fall League for Warhammer 40,000 on Thursday, October 13. There’s something for everyone this time around. Bring a 1000-point army and a $10 entry fee. More details below.

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The league will run from Thursday, October 13 for five weeks ending November 10. We’ll meet starting at 6pm each Thursday. You’ll need to play four ranked games over those five weeks. You do not have to play on league day, so long as you can schedule another time with someone else in the league.

This league is about getting the Warhammer 40k players together to play games, paint, swap tips, talk tactics, and talk about future plans. If you play 40k – veteran or rookie – we want you!

To that end, we have several titles to compete for. These will come with prizes determined by total entry fees.

  • Battle Master goes to the top overall score
  • Rising Star goes to the best overall score from someone who’s been playing for less than a year
  • Comrade in Arms goes to the player with highest votes for sporting attitude and play
  • Master Crafter goes to the player with highest votes for best painted army
  • Forgemaster goes to the player who paints the most models during the league

League Play & Rules

Each league game will use the random scenarios and deployment rules in the Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Rulebook. Each player deploys a 1000-point army. You do not need to play the same army list each game, but you must keep the same faction. All models used must be painted to qualify for the Master Crafter award.

Your games must be recorded before the next league day. So your first game can be played between October 13-19. Standings will be adjusted each Thursday on league day. We’ll post a rankings board in the store during the league. Lower-ranked players get to make challenges first, then remaining players can pair off as they please.

Your League Score will be based on your win-loss record. We’ll track your points for each game to break ties; tie-breakers will be based on what percent of the overall points scored you gained to account for differences in scenario types.

It should go without saying, but any attempt to cheat – loaded dice, falsely reported stats, colluding to fix scores, etc. – will disqualify you from the league, and you will forfeit your entry fee.


At the end of each match, you’ll rate your opponent on a few simple yes-or-no questions.

  • Did I have fun?
  • Would I recommend my opponent to inexperienced players?
  • Was my opponent forthcoming with information when asked?
  • Was my opponent helpful, volunteering information to improve the overall game?
  • Was my opponent’s army list fun to play against?

Each question answered “yes” gives a point towards your Attitude Score. The best total Attitude Score wins the Comrade in Arms title. Your score will be secret until the end of the league. Some questions go above and beyond the call of a typical game. That’s what lets the Comrade in Arms title stand out.


To qualify for Master Crafter (best painted army), all models you field throughout the league must be painted to tournament standard – fully painted with at least three colors per model. We’ll get a photo of your entire army and your favorite three models by the end of the league and give time for everyone to vote. The Master Crafter will be announced within two weeks of the final league day.

To qualify for Forgemaster, you must register your unpainted models at any time during the league, then bring the finished model by the final league day on Thursday, November 10). All registered models must be fully painted with at least three colors per model. They do not have to be models you are using in the league.

During league nights we’ll do painting workshops (open to anyone!). If you have any tips you want to share, we can set aside a table for you. Otherwise, we’ll go over basic painting techniques. This can be group sessions, one-on-one, or we can just set aside space for people to work alone.

Questions or Comments

Please leave your questions or comments here, or you can email Jeremy at jeremy@plus1gaming.com. See you there!

6 responses to “Warhammer 40k Fall League”

  1. gmanv2 says:

    Epic, well done! 5 weeks is just the first iteration I hope, see how it goes, etc..

    I’m excited and looking forward to it, :D.

  2. jharris65 says:

    This is a fantastic idea. I can’t wait and will be there on the 13th with bolters blazin’. :)

  3. jharris65 says:

    a couple of questions, tho? are we plating WYSIWYG? Do all models need to be painted to field or just to qualify for the Master Crafter? Are there any restrictions on army lists other than the 1000 points? I’m sure that I’ll have other questions, but I’m already working on army lists…

    • Jeremy says:

      Some minor proxies can be allowed, so long as they’re easy to identify and remember. Obviously, all proxies must be confirmed with your opponent before starting the match. It’ll be a judgment call, but more than three proxies in an army would probably be excessive.

      You will need the correct model or bits by league end to qualify for Master Crafter.

      No restrictions on army lists. It must of course follow the correct force allocation chart. You will need your list written down prior to the match, though it can be after getting your opponent and finding out which faction they’re playing.

      Your list’s fun factor also counts toward your Comrade score.

      Edit: Forgot a question! Models only need to be painted to qualify for Master Crafter. If your models aren’t painted, consider at least spray priming them and possibly painting their bases for easier identification.

    • Jeremy says:

      Come to think, I may bring those little sticky note flags for any proxies an opponent isn’t totally comfortable with.

      As a show of good faith, I’d encourage anyone proxying to place an order at the start of the league for the proxied models or bits. That way you can buy them by the end of the league. If it’s something we simply can’t get (like a discontinued metal figure that hasn’t made the jump to Finecast), it won’t count against qualifying you for Master Crafter.