Innistrad Prerelease

Our Magic: Innistrad Prerelease Event is Saturday, September 24. We’re holding a Midnight Draft Friday night and two Sealed Deck Tournaments at 2pm and 5pm. Entry to the draft is $18, and the sealed-decks are $30.

In addition to the booster packs, each player receives (while supplies last) 1 Mayor of Avabruck double-sided card and 1 2/2 Wolf token.

The staggered tournament schedule on Saturday means you can drop out of the first after the first round (taking losses for all remaining rounds) and enter the second. You will have to re-use your cards though; our prerelease stock won’t be enough to allow buying 6 more packs. For the same reason, only 1 set of promo cards per customer.

Entry fees go toward booster packs for prizes. Wizards of the Coast is throwing in some extra prize support on top of what’s covered by our entry fees, so expect a big payout to the winners.

You can also pre-order booster boxes of Innistrad in the store for $100 per box, up through the Prerelease Event.

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