D&D Lair Assault

Lair Assault is here! This is no-holds-barred competitive D&D. It’s DM versus players is a single deadly encounter. The first session is Saturday, September 17 at 3pm.

Players make 5th level characters, with the following rules:

  • Books – only official Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition books
  • Gear – one 6th level item, one 5th level item, one 4th level item; 840 gold for additional gear; no more than two consumable items (potions, ammo, etc.) per character
  • Fortune Cards are allowed. 10-card decks only. Each deck must have at least 3 attack, 3 defense, and 3 tactic cards. Duplicate cards are allowed.

Table space is limited! Comment if you’ll be here and come early.

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