Chaostle Guest Review

Session Reviewed by Michael

Game Setup

100 point Castle, 2 randomly drawn characters each, no advance skills, Original Happiness/Doom reference sheet, First player with one character to reach Sanctuary wins.

Game Play

The game plays a bit like Sorry with the movement but more like Talisman with the custom player characters and the fates (similar to the encounter cards in Talisman). Players use their characters to race around the board with the ultimate goal of defeating the castle to enter Sanctuary. Each roll of the movement die initiates a random event, which can range from an extra turn to starting a new character on the board to receiving a random fate. Characters can be upgraded with more movement, hit points, better armor, weapons and skills. Upgrades can occur by defeating other characters in battle or through a favorable fate table roll.

Our Game

Ron, Ronnie, Wayne and I started a four player game but Rob soon arrived and joined us. I started with the Elven Archer and the Warlord, but soon captured Ron’s Crusader. Wayne’s magic user became trapped in the shark pit, a fate that would prove fatal. My Warlord was killed by Ronnie’s fighter but my archer was making good progress on level three.

When Rob entered the game his Unicorn took off at a gallop! It killed my archer, but I was able to start her at starting position three. Ron’s magic user received bad vibes and had to move at one space a turn for several turns (I had his Crusader). Unfortunately for me, I lost control of Ron’s Crusader to Wayne (easy come easy go).

My Warlord received the Deteriorate Fate and lost all but one hit point. I tried to keep him from the other players so they wouldn’t get the XP from killing him. He eventually died with another fate roll.

My Archer and Rob’s unicorn were getting closer to the castle when Rob’s Minotaur received a fate. He rolled a one for column one on the fate table; then rolled snake eyes. This instantly won him the game! (done deal fate)

Our Take on the Game

The original fate table is very random but there is still some strategy. On each players dice roll we would yell “roll a five!” The fates may make the game random but they also made us laugh. The game was fun and we all wanted to try it again using the new and improved fate table.

This game has been compared to Talisman meets Sorry. I would have to agree. It is a race game, as is Talisman and Sorry, but provides plenty of player interaction. The game components are incredible and worth the high selling price. The game is also expandable with more characters to be released. Most importantly the game is fun. It made us laugh and was enjoyable to play even while losing.

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