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Warhammer Fantasy Tournament

Our first Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament is Saturday, September 10! Registration starts at 10am, first round is at 11. It’s a 2500-point, 3-round tournament. Entry is $5 for prize support. The scenarios are after the jump.

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Educator’s Sale

15% off select games for educators throughout Labor Day Weekend (September 3-5)! We’ll even be open Labor Day Monday.

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Pokemon Emerging Powers Pre-Release

Our first big Pokemon event! This will be a sealed deck tournament. That means players who enter get pre-release packs from the organizer and build a 40-card deck only using what they get from their packs (plus basic Energy from the organizer). No trading until after the tournament.

Review: Quarriors!


Type: Dice-building
Players: 2-4
Suggested Ages: 14+
Play Time: 30 mins
Cost: $36.99

Extra Info

Play Style: deck-building
Complexity: Low
Learning Curve: Low
Similar To: Dominion, Magic: the Gathering
Links: Board Game Geek
My Rating: 4 out of 5


Quarriors! is a fast-paced, lightweight “dice-building” game. Players roll dice to summon creatures, cast spells and gain Quidity to acquire more dice. The style is a sort of cartoonish fantasy. This is a great game for limited time or between other games, or go a few rounds for a full experience. The mix of strategy and randomness makes it more inviting, but could annoy more serious-minded gamers.

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Warhammer 40k Tournament

Every fourth Saturday +1 Gaming hosts a 2000-point Warhammer 40k tournament. Registration starts at 10:30 am, and the first round kicks off at 11. Entry is $10.

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Warmachine Wrath Release Event

This is a 50-point, Warmachine-only casual play event. Players gain points for accomplishing Glorious Deeds, such as completing multiple games, playing new opponents and fighting new factions.

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Party First

“You all meet in a tavern” has got to be the most worn out trope in roleplaying. I’ve played (and ran) countless games that started basically that way. The party meets by happenstance, the adventure is somehow thrust upon them, and off they go. Long term campaigns suffer worst, because there’s little reason to hold together after the first few adventures.

So what’s the fix? Don’t start with character creation, start with party creation.

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D&D Encounters: Lost Crown of Neverwinter

The new season of Dungeons & Dragons Encounters starts Wednesday, August 10! Encounters is a totally free, casual way to jump into the biggest fantasy roleplaying experience around. You can come any Wednesday at 7pm to join a game. One-timers are welcome, although you’ll get a lot more out of the game if you can come each week. You can bring a 1st level character and some dice, or just show up and use a pre-made character.

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Magic 2012 Game Day

Game Day is coming for the 2012 Core Set, and we’re going big! This is a standard, type 2 tournament. Entry is $15. If we get at least 20 entries, first place takes home a full box of 36 boosters.

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Chaostle Guest Review

Session Reviewed by Michael

Game Setup

100 point Castle, 2 randomly drawn characters each, no advance skills, Original Happiness/Doom reference sheet, First player with one character to reach Sanctuary wins.

Game Play

The game plays a bit like Sorry with the movement but more like Talisman with the custom player characters and the fates (similar to the encounter cards in Talisman). Players use their characters to race around the board with the ultimate goal of defeating the castle to enter Sanctuary. Each roll of the movement die initiates a random event, which can range from an extra turn to starting a new character on the board to receiving a random fate. Characters can be upgraded with more movement, hit points, better armor, weapons and skills. Upgrades can occur by defeating other characters in battle or through a favorable fate table roll.

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