Terrain Time

I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is more terrain.

Thanks to the Malifaux league, we’ve realized that we don’t have much terrain that works for indoor locations, and many of the special locations in Malifaux. What?! Time for a terrain building day to fill those gaps and maintain the rest of our community terrain. Our trees are in rough shape, and some of the buildings still need painting. Are there other needs we haven’t recognized?

Terrain Day will be all day this Sunday, July 31. Sorry for the short notice!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Participate, and get XP.
  • Teach and guide others, and get more XP.
  • Donate supplies, and get up to $10 store credit (at our discretion; receipts for new stuff a big plus).
  • Build the best piece and get a prize.
  • Build the most terrain in that day and get a prize.
Bring your creative ideas and your wish lists of what would be cool for the store to have. And thanks for being awesome!

4 responses to “Terrain Time”

  1. Jason G. says:

    Ho man, short notice indeed. I need to think of some ideas :/

  2. Dustin says:

    A few suggestions would be stuff for a Library, a Tavern (old west/ Moulane Rouge feel), Labs (Hard science and frankenstein type)and Graveyards (above ground mausoleums and grave stones).

    Additionally I would recommend some River sections (for all those bridges).

  3. jharris65 says:

    I hope you guys will do this again soon…I’m always down for a little terrain building, (especially 40k)….