Steampainter Website Is Live

Steampainter now has a website, and it will host a live stream of the 24-Hour Paint Challenge on the magic day of August 6.

Steampainter is a charity event where our own Eric Ernewein will paint 100 points of Warmachine models (that’s 54 figures) in 24 hours or less. You can sponsor the army, donate to guess when he’ll finish, and finally bid to buy the army. All proceeds go to Children’s Hospital of New Orleans. Some of the working parts are getting squared away, but stay tuned to the Steampainter website or get on the Steampainter Facebook page or Twitter feed.

The painting action happens right here at +1 Gaming, so feel free to come watch. You can make donations here or on the Steampainter website via PayPal. Eric will chat with folks on the live stream and talk about his painting methods, gaming, music, and whatever else.

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