Magic 2012 Release Party

Our Magic 2012 Release Party is Saturday, July 16. We have a sealed-deck tournament at Noon ($30 entry) and a draft at 3pm ($18 entry). All participants receive a Garruk’s Horde exclusive Launch Party promo card (while supplies last).

What Do I Get?

Each player receives (while supplies last):

  • 1 Garruk’s Horde promo
  • 1 Game Day Flyer
  • 1 Achievement Card

The Achievement card is a fun activity for players to complete. Earn the satisfaction of completing all the tasks over the course of the Launch Party!

Our prize payout will be directly based on total entries. You can enter both tournaments, dropping from the first (taking losses for all remaining matches) to enter the second. You will need to pay the full entry fee and get new packs.

Magic 2012 officially releases Friday, July 15. We open at Noon. You can start buying first thing Friday. Those with preorders can pick up their boxes Friday, as well.

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