Warhammer 40k Rookie League

+1 Gaming wages war in the 41st Millennium every Sunday at 2 pm. We’re kicking off a Rookie League for all the new and lapsed players in the area. Learn the game, or relearn for 5th Edition.

The league is divided into four-week tiers. The first tier, starting Sunday, June 12, is for 750-point armies. Every tier raises the army size by 250 points. To participate, simply play three sanctioned games on Sundays during the four-week tier. There’s a $5 league due for each game, and we’ll turn all the dues into prizes at the end of each tier.

After each game, you’ll rate your opponent based on sportsmanship, how fun they and their army were to play against, and the originality of their army. Players earn points for their success in the games, and for rating highly as good players.

Tier 1 Rules

  • In each game, you must spearhead one objective;
  • Your armies are limited to 1 HQ and troop choices. You are not required to field the same army throughout the league;
  • No models may use armor with a 2+ save or have more than two (2) wounds;
  • Transports cannot have a combined armor value above 33 (adding the front, rear and one side).

Each tier will open the options up further, letting newer players get familiar with game play and army building.

Updates and questions are in the official thread on our forums.

Sign Up

If you’re interested, please sign up here or in the store so we can better plan things.

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5 responses to “Warhammer 40k Rookie League”

  1. John Stovall says:

    1.) Are there painting requirements for this tier?

    2.) By “troops” do you mean “troops, no fast attack, no elites” or do you mean “troops, no vehicles?”

    3.) Does “terminator armor” mean actual “terminator armor” or does it means no “2+ saves.”

    4.) I play Black Templars and am compelled to take the Emperor’s Champion, which is an HQ choice, at 750 points but he does not take up an HQ slot on the force organization chart. For the purposes of this tier does this mean that I have to and can only play the “Emperor’s Champion” or does it mean that I can take Emperor’s Champion in addition to my one HQ choice?

  2. Eric LeBlanc says:

    I also was wondering about the wounds rule, as I’m planning on playing Tau. I’m compelled to take either a Shas’o or Shas’el battlesuit as my HQ choice, and they’re both over the limit (4 and 3 wounds, respectively). Are HQ choices exempt from the wound rule, or are the HQ units gimped down to 2 wounds until the league escalates?

  3. brian says:

    John to answer your questions:
    1] No painting is not required but is encouraged, I will be giving away points for painting/improving/converting as the league goes on.
    2] only HQ and TROOPS means you are limited to those slots choice slots, buying something as a dedicated transport is absolutely legal given your codex allows the upgrade, or if it can be taken as a troop choice ie ‘unlocking’ something as a troop choice its also legal.
    3] Terminator armor is meant as nothing with a 2+ save
    4] as per the black templar faq from gw the champion is unique in that it can take up a hq slot but does not necessarily take up a slot so you may take an ec and a marshal.

  4. brian says:

    There is a forum topic dedicated to the league if you guys have more questions, its a little easier to keep up to date on the forums than the event post.
    Eric I was sure the vanilla suit commander was 2 wounds, that was my mistake. I will talk to Jeremy and the new rule will be no named special characters instead.

  5. machinegunshort says:

    Doh I was not signed in for those replys. Please see the forum topic for updates and discussions.