Redakai Is Here!

Redakai is the dynamic game of Kairu battle. Start with your favorite Kairu warrior, stack Attacks on your opponent, and transform into powerful Monsters. The Basic Game is easy to learn and fast to play. Learn more at


Before battle, each player places one Character Card in front of them.

Character Cards represent heroes and villains with the power to harness Kairu energy.

Each of these cards has up to 3 different Defense Zones. Each Defense Zone has a number and color. Every card also has 3 Damage Zones.

Each player also builds a deck of Attack Cards and Monster Cards. Basic Game decks can be anywhere from 10-40 cards. Shuffle the cards together to make a Deck.


Flip a coin to determine who will go first.

On each player’s turn they will draw the top card of their deck, then play that card immediately.

Monster Cards

When you draw a Monster Card, put it on your own Character. They often increase your Defense Zones and sometimes can even heal Damage Zones that Attack Cards have Hit.

Monster Cards are never discarded.

Attack Cards

Play Attack Cards on top of your opponent’s Character Card, to deal damage in Damage Zones.

When you play an Attack Card, compare the Attack Power and Color to the opposing character’s defense in that color.

If your Attack Card’s Power Number is greater than the defender’s combined Defense Zones of your Attack Card Color, the attack “Hits” and is laid on top of your opponent’s Character.

Abilities on your cards are not used in the Basic Game. Ignore the text in the Ability boxes on the bottom of Character Cards.

If the Attack Card’s power number is lower, put it into your discard pile.

When all three of your opponent’s Damage Zones are damaged and red, you win the game!

If a player runs out of cards in his Draw Pile and is unable to draw a card at the start of his turn, that player loses the game.

Once you’ve mastered the Basic Game, you’re ready to move on to the Advanced Game!

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