Warhammer 40k: Training Ground

For the next three Sundays we’re teaching new or curious players how to play Warhammer 40,000. Demos start at 2 pm. We have a Space Marine and Ork army available for use, or bring a 500-point army. It’s the perfect chance to learn the game and meet the other players in the area. Sign up below.

After these few weeks of demos, we’ll dovetail into an Escalation League. This is for rookie players only! That means new players or players who’ve lapsed for several years and want to learn the new rules. Veteran players, check out our monthly tournaments every fourth Saturday.

The league will slowly build up army sizes by 250 points every four weeks, as well as showcase different aspects of the rules through tailored scenarios. This way less experienced players can learn the rules and build their army slowly, as well as get practical help choosing army additions and modeling and painting.

Sign up here if you’re interested so we can reserve tables.

[contact-form 1 “Escalation League Signup”]

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