June at a Glance

June is another awesome month at +1 Gaming. We have special events for Malifaux, Magic, Warmachine/Hordes, Munchkin,¬†Warhammer 40k, and plenty of regular events, too. But first…

Free RPG Day!

It is exactly what it sounds like. Come any time Saturday, June 18 and get free roleplaying stuff! The full list of stuff is at FreeRPGDay.com.

Bayou Wars 2011

The New Orleans area’s own wargaming and board gaming convention is June 10-12. I know of a Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes tournament happening, and there’s undoubtedly lots more. And there’s always plenty of board games happening all weekend. We’ll be there in some capacity; details still pending. It’s $20 for a day or $30 for a whole weekend.

Malifaux Open Play

Saturday, June 4 we’re hosting our first Malifaux game day. Bring your crew and test your Fate. It’s a perfect time to prep for the Bayou Wars tournament, or gear up for a possibly pending narrative league. But perhaps I’ve said too much…

New Phyrexia Game Day

New Phyrexia returns with Game Day on Saturday, June 11. This is a Swiss-style tournament; bring a Standard-legal deck. All participants get a Priest of Urabrask promo card, and the top 8 get a Myr Superion, with booster prizes based on number of entrants.

Warhammer 40k: Training Ground

Our Training Ground demos are shifting to a league on Sunday, June 12. Every four weeks will mark a tier. The first tier is 750-point armies. Each Sunday we’ll host games from 2-6pm. Participants need to get three games in during the four weeks. Entry is $5 per recorded game (and you’re welcome to play more for fun). This league is for new players. Vets, we’ll post info soon on our monthly tournament, set for Saturday, June 25.

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller Tournament

Our first Steamroller Tournament is Saturday, June 18 at Noon. Bring a 35-point armyEntry is $5; prizes to the top three. Details can be found here. The tournament is newbie-friendly, particularly as a jumping-off point for our Paint & Play league participants. It’s also the Paint & Play deadline for getting your finished models in.

Warhammer 40k Tournament

Every fourth Saturday we’re hosting a 40k Tournament. We had 11 players in April with good reports all around. Details on this month’s coming soon.

Board Game Saturday & Munchkin Tournament

This month’s BGS is Saturday, June 25. We’re still laying our nefarious plans, but I can spill one detail: our second Munchkin Tournament starts at 5pm. Details coming soon.

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