Minis Pick-Up Games by Email

It’s super-hard to find another player for a minis pick-up game, so we’re trying a little something new on the forums. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register on the forums
  2. Go to one of the game-specific topics for pick-up games:
  3. Favorite the topic(s) of your choice (the “Add this topic to your favorites” link just above the title).
  4. Edit your profile (in the left sidebar at the top) and find “Favorite Notification.” Check the “Activate” box. This will send you emails when someone replies to one of your favorite topics.
  5. Reply to the particular topic to either make a pick-up game request or respond to one.

That’s it! There’s a topic for each of our major minis games. We’ll see if this helps get folks together.

Thanks for playing!

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