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New Phyrexia Prerelease

New Phyrexia is taking over +1 Gaming! All Saturday, May 7, starting at Noon we’ll hold a prerelease sealed deck tournament. Each player receives three Scars of Mirrodin and three New Phyrexia booster packs to use for building a deck. Entry is $30, which includes your packs.

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Review: Formula D


Type: Racing board game
Players: 2-10
Suggested Ages: 8+
Play Time: 60-90 mins
Cost: $59.99

Extra Info

Play Style: Roll-and-move, risk management
Complexity: Moderate
Learning Curve: Low
Links: Board Game Geek
My Rating: 4.5 out of 5


Formula D turns formula or street racing into a strategic, competitive battle for control of the track in a highly accurate and surprisingly exciting interpretation of the sports. Players must control their speed in straightways and tight turns, avoid vehicle stress and collisions and take bold risks to come out ahead of the pack.

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Munchkin Tourney

Come one, come all, for an Official Munchkin Tournament on Saturday, April 30 starting at 7 pm. There will be a Winner, who will receive a Prize, and the unofficial title of Munchkinliest, until usurped by another future Winner. You can also compete to be the Most Funnest Player.

Minis Pick-Up Games by Email

It’s super-hard to find another player for a minis pick-up game, so we’re trying a little something new on the forums. Here’s how it works:

  1. Register on the forums
  2. Go to one of the game-specific topics for pick-up games:
  3. Favorite the topic(s) of your choice (the “Add this topic to your favorites” link just above the title).
  4. Edit your profile (in the left sidebar at the top) and find “Favorite Notification.” Check the “Activate” box. This will send you emails when someone replies to one of your favorite topics.
  5. Reply to the particular topic to either make a pick-up game request or respond to one.

That’s it! There’s a topic for each of our major minis games. We’ll see if this helps get folks together.

Thanks for playing!

Open on Easter Sunday

Yes, we will be open for regular hours (10 to 10) on Easter Sunday. That is all.

New Phyrexia Pre-Orders

The next Magic: the Gathering block, New Phyrexia, releases on May 13. We are taking pre-orders through Friday, April 22. Yes, that’s this week (as of this posting). We’ll sell a pre-ordered booster box for $100.You can fill out the form below or let us know during the Thursday Draft or Friday Night Magic.

Pre-Orders are closed.

Card Games Meetup

So you have a deck or three of L5R, Naruto, Vampire, World of Warcraft, Pokemon, or something else: how do you find a game? We’re all about bringing people together here (if you can’t tell), so we’re doing a Card Game Meetup on Saturday, April 30. This is geared for all the collectible card games that don’t have scheduled events. We’ll also demo as much as we can for curious onlookers.

First thing: comment here with your game and a preferred time. We’ll gather it all up and post times for each game. You can come whenever of course, but this will hopefully make it easier for people to meet. And by all means demo something! We can post up a demo sign-up sheet a week ahead of time.

Something particular you want to see? Let us know in the comments.

Review: Ascension


Type: Deck-building game
Players: 2-4
Suggested Ages: 13+
Play Time: 30 mins
Cost: $39.99

Extra Info

Play Style: Deck-building
Complexity: Low to moderate
Learning Curve: Low
Similar To: Dominion, Race for the Galaxy
Links: Official site, Board Game Geek
My Rating: 4 out of 5


Ascension is a fast-paced deck-building game set amid an imaginative Eastern-fantasy backdrop. Players spend runes to gain more powerful cards, helping them acquire yet more cards and defeat monsters. The variety of cards and interactions allow a mild range of strategies, although as a new game with planned expansions the cards can feel repetitive.

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Board Game Saturday

Board games are taking over Saturday, April 23 at +1 Gaming! This is an all-day extravaganza. Bring your game(s) or just come and find an open seat. We’ll have sandwiches for sale for lunch and Rotolo’s pizza for sale by the slice for dinner.

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Tomb Kings Pre-Orders

We are taking pre-orders for Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tomb Kings new releases. The current new release list is:

  • Tomb Kings Army Book (hardcover) – $37.25
  • Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx – $49.50
  • Necropolis Knights – $54.50
  • Tomb Guard – $49.50

We have preview copies of each item in the store, to be assembled and painted in all their glory soon (except the army book; it came painted and assembled).

Tomb Kings Pre-Order Form

[contact-form 7 “Pre-Order Form”]

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