Preview: Malifaux Factions

Dustin, one of the Wyrd Miniatures Henchmen, sent us a quick write-up for each of the five factions for Malifaux. The Henchmen will be running demos for Malifaux Saturday, March 20 before Open Minis Night kicks off.

The Guild

The Guild is the law in Malifaux and represents the “old guard” practioners of magic from Earth. They exert a fascist control over the reinhabited city and are concerned with maintaining the production of soulstones, a substance which allows for wielders to perform supernatural feats. They provide safety to the new inhabitants of Malifaux, and their indentured work force, via several specialized bureaus that police the rouge elements that exist . The Guild offers a mix of ranged and melee combat abilities that are tuned to defeat particular foes.

The Arcanists

The Arcanists are individuals who practice the “new” forms of magic that Malifaux has awakened . The Arcanists are made of of several groups who believe that Malifaux should not be regulated by the “old guard” forces of the Guild. The most prominent is the Miners and Steamfitters Union (M&SU) which represents the labor class in the city and conducts clandestine smuggling operations. Other groups include the Order of the Chimera and Cult of December. The primary strength of the Arcanists is the wide variety of spells they can cast and the mechanical, elemental constructs, and beast minions they have at their disposal.

The Resurrectionists

The Resurrectionists are a unique sect of universally despised magicians that practice the art of necromancy in Maliafux. From the mad scientist to the charming serial killer, they command the forces of the undead and commit their crimes via proxy. Where the other factions are concerned with collecting soulstones, the Resurrectionists loot the ruins of Malifaux for magical devices, tomes of knowledge, and “fresh” materials for their horrorific creations. They are very resilient characters in play, with the ability to absorb a lot of damage and to raise dead models as additional combatants.

The Neverborn

The Neverborn are the native inhabitants of the world of Malifaux. They are nightmarish monsters, culled from our collective memories, that terrorize the human settlers in Malifaux. Their existence is linked with a great calamity that occurred in the ancient past which destroyed their world and imprisoned the most powerful of its denizens. Their aim is to drive the new human inhabitants of Malifaux out and prevent them from inadvertantly releasing the ancient powers. They are known for their speed and abilities that bend the rules. They possess few ranged attacks but are very deadly in melee combat.

The Outcasts

The Outcasts are a group of smaller interests, unassociated with the major factions in Malifaux. Some Outcasts are also mercenaries that may be hired by the other factions for use in their crews. Their playstyles are as varied as their interests. From the diminutive Gremlins to the social pariah Leviticus, the Outcast faction offers some of the more challenging Crews to play.

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