Progress Report (And a Call For Help)

Our contractors are all at the cusp of completion, which means we’re nearly ready to take over for move-in. The only problem: Allie and I are both sick. So we’re asking for some extra help.

There’s plenty to tell. We’ve had some awesome progress, and some very disappointing delays. What’s new, right? Here’s a run-down of what’s been done.

  • The walls are totally painted.
  • All the doors are hung.
  • The new exit is in, and its handicap ramp is finished.
  • The cabinets for our counter are in.
  • The slatwall is hung (big thanks to the folks who helped Allie move it the other night!)

Our plumber is working, today I believe, on installing fixtures, and the counter guys ought to be installing the counter top if they haven’t already. Our electrician is taking far longer than expected to finish. Allie’s been talking to him, so I don’t know the reasons. He’s been good to us overall though, so I’m sure he’ll come through.

You’re Our Only Hope

Allie and I are both showing flu-like symptoms. I was running a 102 degree fever off and on since Sunday. Allie held out for five days, but it looks like it’s finally caught up to her.

We have two significant projects to get done before move-in, and as we’re both incapacitated, we’re asking help from a few awesome gamers. One of us can come out to give instructions, but in all seriousness we need as much rest as possible to be ready for move-in.

Project #1: Paint the Lockers

With lots of volunteer help, we built lockers to rent for in-store storage. They need a couple coats of paint. We have the paint, rollers, and we taped the fixtures over. Only the outside surfaces get paint, so it should be a fairly quick job.

The biggest hardship will be getting the lockers onto drop cloths. They are very heavy and have no real hand-holds. After that, it’s as easy as eating pancakes.

Project #2: Strip and Wax the Floor

This is the big one. I am told it is not really that difficult. A good friend of mine has experience, and may be generous enough to lend a hand or offer instruction. It can all be done with mops, so nobody will have to learn to wrestle one of those buffing machines.

The hard part here is dealing with all the tables and two sets of lockers, among other small odds and ends. The floor will have to be done half at a time, so the furniture can be moved to the finished half once it’s dry.

Stripping can happen any time, but I’d like to save the wax for after the electrician has hung our ceiling fans. I don’t want to risk delaying his work any more than it already has been.

If you can help with either of these jobs, please email me at with the subject “Call for Help Volunteer.” Include what times and days you can be available, and if you have a preference of projects to work on. Please also include a phone number we can reach you, just in case.

Next Steps

Once the fixtures and counter are in, and the floors are waxed, we rent a U-Haul truck and move all our furniture and inventory out of storage and into action. We still can’t pin down a date, because we’d probably be wrong. Everything takes much longer than it seems it should. But it’s hard to not get excited when we’re this close.

Thanks everyone. Good gaming.

9 responses to “Progress Report (And a Call For Help)”

  1. Dustin says:

    If you got a buffer I might be able to help with the stripping and waxing of the floors (Had a lot of experience doing this when I was a bit junior in rank).

  2. Ashley says:

    Not able to help on this part, but let me know when the moving is taking place – I am certainly capable of lifting and toting.

  3. Bill says:

    I am glad to hear of the progress here. I can’t wait to hear about the move-in date!

  4. Thomas says:

    I’m free Sunday to do what needs to be, until 5pm. Big Game. Let me know

  5. Tim says:

    I may be available this Monday. Maybe Tues during the day. Not really sure, but I’m willing to help out some.

  6. hewhorocks says:

    Hope all is going well. I drop by frequently to see progress.

  7. Derek says:

    I live in gulfport, but have been waiting for a Table Top gaming hub to open up for quite a long time. I’m in the military (Seabee), so might not be able to help with to much, but I would like to do what i can to help create a safe haven for my Chaos Space Marines XD Please let me know what I can do, if you guys still need some help!

  8. Do you guys think you’ll be open before April 13th 2036, I really need to get my Warhammer fix before the end of the world. Plus, I got all these coupons that expire on April 13, 2036 for 10% off paint and supplies.

    Thanks, please get back to me before April 13, 2029, so I can help you guys open. See you in hell.