Hiding From the Universe

The opening date is going into hiding. I’m fairly certain we’re under some kind of Predictamancy attack. But there’s a sure-fire way to thwart a Predictamancer – make the future unknowable! Hence forth, our opening date will be so veiled in secrecy, even we won’t know it.

The Grand Opening as the planned opening event is going away. Instead, we’ll open as soon as humanly possible and plan the party after that. This way we don’t have to stake our hopes and reputations on stuff that is by and large not under our absolute and merciless subjugation.

Not those plumbers.

What led to this absurd state of affairs? Plumbers.

You may recall some issues with a diagram. It all got straightened out in time for Thanksgiving to halt work until the following Monday. That’s what would have happened, had our plumber not had an out-of-town emergency that week.

No problem, right? Emergencies happen, and he’s been pretty excellent otherwise. We called a national plumbing company reputed for speed to just get it done already. They did the work, dragged their feet getting to the inspector’s office, and finally got it inspected last Wednesday.

And failed.

We should have our new inspection today, after which we can schedule the structural inspection. That puts drywall probably sometime next week. There’s various other finishing work to be done, including electrical and plumbing fixtures, not to mention our rush to assemble shelves and subsequently stock them. Plus a final inspection.

So yeah, December 18 isn’t reasonable at this point.

No new dates this time. Clearly our dates are jinxed. We’ll simply do everything possible to open as soon as possible, and let you know when that will be. Then we can plan a party.

Thank you everyone who’s helped and given us your patience and support. You are all fantastic, and also the reason Allie and I are still pumped (maybe even a little stoked) about opening. We will keep you updated.

13 responses to “Hiding From the Universe”

  1. Ashley Nichols says:

    If there is any legal assistance I can lend, let me know and I will either be able to handle it or refer it to someone I would trust to handle it.

  2. Scott J. says:

    Oh, for the love of…

    I realize that you’re probably more frustrated about this than any of us are, and that these constant delays and missed opening dates are not your fault. Still, RAGE. I SMOLDER WITH GENERIC RAGE.

    At least I have the opportunity to build up my savings a bit more now.

  3. Tom says:

    Looks like I’ll be at Rock-it games.

  4. EarlofGroan says:

    The store is beginning to seem more and more like Brigadoon.

    • Allie says:

      Seriously! An hundred years! A mirage on the horizon! A taunting impossibility!

      I did see the light at the end of the tunnel yesterday when we passed the framing inspection. But I can’t tell how long the tunnel is yet.

    • EarlofGroan says:

      I’m OK with the wait, so long as the owners greet me with kilts and singing when the doors finally open.

      Bagpipes are, of course, optional.

    • Allie says:

      Now there’s an idea. We had bagpipes at our wedding, and this is no less serious a commitment. Hmm.

  5. Wes Shipley says:

    Any updates?

    • Jeremy says:

      Yes! I’ve been posting little nuggets on Facebook, but i’s about time for a website update. Just bear with me a day or two; I’m coming off a spectacular fever.