Monthly Archives: December 2010

Holiday Update

It’s nearly Christmas, so it seems like a good time for an update. We’re over that inspection hump that was holding us up, and there’s been great progress.

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Hiding From the Universe

The opening date is going into hiding. I’m fairly certain we’re under some kind of Predictamancy attack. But there’s a sure-fire way to thwart a Predictamancer – make the future unknowable! Hence forth, our opening date will be so veiled in secrecy, even we won’t know it.

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Devious (and Virtuous) Games

A plague has taken over many video games, especially casual games. It’s called operant conditioning, also known as a Skinner box. Basically, games designed like this can compel you to carry out repetitive tasks long beyond any point of enjoyment or novelty. Tabletop games aren’t immune, either. But there’s a big dazzling bright side on how games can create real value for players, giving either a rich recreational experience or developing real skills.

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