Heroes of +1 Gaming

It took approximately forever, but we’ve finally worked out a customer rewards program. +1 Gaming won’t have just any program though: we made a game of it. Heroes of +1 Gaming (that’s you) will earn XP, overcome challenges, gain levels, and find treasure.

How It Works

All it takes to sign up is your name and either an email address or phone number. We’ll need to see photo ID, or we can make you a member card. If you want emails about upcoming products or events, you can mark your interest there (otherwise, we won’t bother you). Then we’ll create a character profile for you on the store computer.

+1 Gaming Rewards Program Treasure Table

Example treasure table, not final version.

First, you get a roll on the Treasure Table. The table will be laminated right on the counter up front, and we’ll have a little dice tower and 2d10 handy. Add your level to the total (starting at 1), and claim the treasure rolled or any lower-numbered choice (even a 1st level Hero can’t get worse than some free drinks).

From then on you’ll earn 1 experience point for every dollar you spend in the store. Other things might earn XP, too, but those details are still in the works. At 250 XP you gain your first level, earning a coupon for 10% off one item and a roll on the treasure table. Each level after that costs 50 XP more than the previous (with an annual reset; see Questing Season below).

Random Encounters

We’ll also throw in challenges from time to time. These might be one-time events like showing up for the grand opening or pre-ordering a special product, for helping around the store or with an event, for collecting a remarkable number of a product line or variety of lines, or for whatever else we come up with.

When you accomplish a challenge, you’ll get a custom-printed button marking your victory, great for decorating a gaming bag or carrying case. Some challenges might give other rewards as well, like bonus treasure or XP.

Questing Season

What good are heroes if they don’t go questing? Once a year we’ll put on a big heroes-only adventure where you play your store character, and all your treasure and challenge awards give in-game bonuses. We’re hoping to mix it up each year and try different genres and game mechanics.

At the end of the quest, we’ll award prizes and reset everyone back to 1st level for a new campaign.

Got any comments, questions or challenge ideas? Let us know in the comments.

7 responses to “Heroes of +1 Gaming”

  1. Allie says:

    Just FYI on the treasure table…we have to know how much everything will cost before seriously working it out. No sense bankrupting ourselves–then there wouldn’t be treasure at all!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I LOVE IT!

  3. Adam says:

    I like this. But will the dragon have Size 8 hats and Size 15 foot warmers for Large sized PCs? Will the loot magical resize for a Large sized PC?:)

  4. Todd Rotolo says:

    Great idea!!!

  5. Doug says: