Double Move Action

Our build-out is moving forward again! You’ve probably read about our permitting woes. We’re finally able to file our permits, and our contractors dig back in Thursday. We are pulling out every stop to squeeze out our November 20 opening. I won’t lie to you, it doesn’t look promising, but it also doesn’t look impossible.

We have ten days to:

  • add two sink water lines
  • add a few more electric sockets
  • put in a rear exit, plus a couple other small construction details
  • get a first inspection
  • do drywall and painting
  • move in furniture and set up equipment
  • stock inventory
  • get a final inspection
  • live, and not die

Most of this will happen in tandem. Our contractors are very skilled at not tripping over each other at this point, so there’s that. The first inspection is a sort of blockade, denying passage of work from one side to the other.

The upcoming Terrain Day will most likely be the last chance to help before opening. The work listed above is either contractor territory or for privileged eyes only, mainly due to the presence of inventory. With all the help we’ve gotten so far (which amazes me on a daily basis, thank you), it’s less about not trusting you and more about not putting you in liability’s desperate, sweaty grip.

That’s the news for now. We will keep you posted, as we have time between feverishly working and losing consciousness for shrinking periods of the night.

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