Advanced Opening Plans 2nd Edition

We are forced, assuredly for the last time, to move the opening date back to December 18. We expect to be open before then. We will let you know as soon as we open. It is less than three weeks away!

If you want the harrowing tale, click below.

The short version of what happened is oh God I am so tired. The long version is marginally more interesting.

Many of you may have seen our desperate pleas for a plumbing riser diagram (or isometric diagram). Basically, our plumber should have been done on Friday, but the parish decided they wanted this diagram. So our plumber needed to wait and ensure his work matched the diagram our architect would surely whip up in short order.

Except our architect didn’t know what to do with it. He didn’t know what the various sizes and components were in the plumbing works. I’m not totally clear on the details, but the architect and plumber had some kind of miscommunication where they were each waiting on the other for information. After some calls to the parish, we got the required diagrams waived thanks to the small scope of work. By the time it was untangled, the Thanksgiving holiday was upon us, and we’d lost a full week.

Our plumber returns in style, to finish all the work today no matter how long that takes. He has been extremely generous with us. And speaking of awesome, the parish has defied all government stereotypes and been extraordinarily helpful and speedy. Our finishers are already moving insulation in to hit the ground running once the inspections are done.

That’s the news. Obviously I wish there were some way to speed things up. But take heart! The opening is less than three weeks away! It’s been a completely absurd process, but the end is right around the corner. That still excites me.

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  1. Jerre Madere says:

    Jeremy & Allie, Keep your eyes on the prize!! Call if there’s anything I can do.