Re: Facebook Integration

A little while back we had a poll about adding some Facebook features to the site. As polls will, it got a mixed response. Most folks were in the middle, some were really interested, some were pretty turned off. Obviously we can’t please everyone, but I think I found a good middle-ground.

Right now I’ve added just a few key features. There’s a “Like” button on every post, and there’s a “Connect with Facebook” link on the login and comment forms. The whole idea is, you have to actually click a button to mix our site with Facebook. The default assumption is that you don’t want to. I know it won’t be perfect for everyone, but I think it’ll allow each person the kind of space they want without bothering each other.

Let us know what you think in the comments.

For whatever crazy reason, this post was cut off in its original version. No clue why, but it’s fixed now. Sorry for the weirdness.

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