A Sign from Above

Pylon Sign

Our sign has appeared in the northern Independence pylon, just above the Marble Slab constellation.

The seemingly endless renovation, which is largely in the hands of contractors, can make +1 Gaming seem more mirage than reality. It’s little things like this that serve as a comforting assurance. Take heart!

For the curious, there’s also a blue banner strung over our door proclaiming +1 Gaming’s imminence. A “big people” sign in on order, and should be installed in the foreseeable future.

One response to “A Sign from Above”

  1. el beyondo says:

    “Finally / It has happened to me / Right in front of my face / And I just cannot hiiiiiiide it!”

    “Finally / You’ve come aloooong / The way I feel about you / It just can’t be wrong / If you only knew the way I feel about you / I just can’t describe it / Oh, no, no”

    Whoop whoop!