Work Day Success, XP Gained

Work Day Crew

The Work Day crew as of lunch time

Our first volunteer work day was fantastic. We had 10 people come to work throughout the day. The crew tore out a mountain of sheet rock, removed studs, broke down drop ceiling, disconnected light fixtures, scraped up tile, and we even cleaned up after ourselves. Despite near-total exhaustion by the end, we had a great time.

I cannot fully express how amazing it was to see how far we got. A huge thanks to everyone who came, and also those who would have come apart from extenuating circumstance.

We were all a little busy to take pictures while we worked, but we got a nice action shot around lunch time. I have photos from when we first looked at the place, and I snapped some after we finished working. There’s a gallery below the jump.

PS: Look forward to a new poll tomorrow.

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