We Take You Live to the Scene

We usually post a preview on Fridays and a poll on Mondays, and obviously we missed the last one of each. We’ve been super-busy, and obviously getting the store open takes priority over web updates.

So instead of the usual fare, I’m going to get you up to speed on the latest happenings.


The biggest push is getting the physical space ready to go. The demolition is done, and right now the electrician is hard at work. We’re working closely with him on where we’ll need power. Rest assured, there will be ample outlets around the tables for laptops.

Soon we’ll get the plumber, A/C guy, and coax guy in. After they’re done, insulation, drywall and flooring. After that, “Volunteer Work Day 2: Not So Much Work, Actually” commences. We’ll do our own painting, build gaming tables, assemble shelving, and do a few other odd jobs. As long as you can paint or even hand out drinks you can come pitch in. It’ll be awesome.

Time Table

The contractors are still the fuzzy part. Considering September is nearly upon us, we’re going to¬†bump back the target opening date to early October. Late September’s not impossible, but it’s probably unrealistic. I’d rather come back later and say we’re opening in September after all than push it back later.

Other Things

We’re slowly acquiring fixtures and signing contracts for things like credit card processing. Allie’s been busy getting our finances set up and researching harder than a half-insane Cthulu investigator. I’ve been working on designs for bumper stickers, t-shirts, and even a fresh website. Two words: lens flare. (Just kidding.)

Oh, and there’s a banner over the door now, so it’s easier to spot. More signage to come.

Around the time of Volunteer Work Day 2, we’ll be able to flesh out ongoing event schedules and set an exact opening date. We’ll also take pre-orders (since we’ll have somewhere to store them).

The Near Future

Expect communications from our end to slow down in September. There’s a lot to do, and besides working tirelessly to get open we’re also trying to make time for our 3 year-old daughter. Allie’s also phasing out of her “real” job with a bunch of Presbyterians (including Project Homecoming). We should be able to get a forum going here soon, so you guys can pick the topics.

Otherwise, it’s all about getting the store open. If you want to help and haven’t signed up, email info@plus1gaming.com and get on our pre-open email list. Whenever there’s a chance to pitch in, that’s how we ask.

And by all means let us know any of your questions, comments or concerns. We seriously love hearing from you guys. Put it here in the comments or email Allie or me.

We’ll keep you updated.

2 responses to “We Take You Live to the Scene”

  1. Matthew Berry says:

    Hey, if you are going to have laptop (grounded) plug in points for electricty are you thinking about having a networked printer that people can print stuff like army builder lists or card vault or any other type of army/game lists for a fee??? 10 cents a copy for BW and like 20 for color??? I am curious because I use army builder a lot and I would pay to print out my stuff there knowing what game i would be playing if I had my laptop or something…

    I actually was surprised and I have a few contacts for people in the city who actually have flames of war armies. I am building a german army for the late war that is SS right now and I am hoping that I get the rest of my stuff including my allied army from Miami before Babel con in Baton rouge and I was curious if you guys were participating in Babel Con which they are claiming will be in a convention center this year. I was just curious because apparently there are a lot of LARP people at this convention.

    Have a good week and depending on the next volunteer day and my travel plans I will be able to come and help out.

    Have a great week and good luck. I will leave a short list of the things I am curious about you stocking at the store…

    GW all lines stuff (thats games workshop) I am really interested in doing the apocalypse size battles with a space wolf army i am building

    Flames of war with the ability for special orders not stocking all the darn things they sell Honestly stocking Old Glory 15mm or Quality Casting stuff for Command decision and FOW might be a better route because it turns out there are a few command decision players in the city

    Axis and Allies board games and axis and allies war at sea boosters

    Gaming terrain and mats..



    • Allie says:

      Sorry it took so long to answer! I’ll keep it short and sweet.

      Shared printer: Probably!
      Babel Con: Probably not. I think it will be too soon for us after opening. Maybe next year?
      GW/all lines: Yes.
      Flames of War: Yes, will stock some and do special orders.
      Axis and Allies/War at Sea: Yes.
      Terrain/Mats: Yes. Not sure how much pre-made terrain to stock yet, but we’ll have some.