Demolition Nearly Complete

This week’s preview is a little different. Demolition is nearly done. All those pesky walls blocking the view have been removed. This combined with some updates to the 3d model made me think it was a good time to touch on layout again. With pictures!

Here’s a quick side-by-side comparison of actual photos with views of the model. There’s an overview shot after the jump.

First off, we got accurate measurements and made some small adjustments. There’s a mop sink by the counter, originally to meet health code, and now conveniently accessible for cleaning brushes and the like. We flipped the folding tables and kid’s area to move the kids away from said sink. There’s also room for lockers against the closet wall (bottom right), which we hope to build and rent to ease encumbrance penalties for burdened patrons.

There’s other smaller details. The tables are slightly rearranged, as is the lounge and drink machine, and there’s a drinking fountain added in. We’re planning for the fountain’s water to be filtered and chilled. I also sprinkled in some fake merchandise to give a better sense of scale. See our last preview for inventory details.

Not shown in the model are light fixtures, ceiling fans, or air conditioning units. You might spy the two large-ish units in the photos, suspended in mid-air by telekinesis metal struts. Don’t worry about noise though; the compressors are on the roof. We had to check for a breeze a couple times during the Work Day to know they were even on. Plus, they’re over-sized for the space, so they’ll keep it comfy even on crowded days.

That’s it for now. Our demolition is a few days ahead of schedule, and our electrician should start up next week. We’ll sneak in plumbing, A/C and network cables around him, then put the insulation and walls up. After that, Work Day #2! Stay tuned.

9 responses to “Demolition Nearly Complete”

  1. Shipley says:

    This is so great that a game shop is comming back to NOLA, I hate driving to Baton Rouge, just to window shop or for a small impulse buy. Looks great so far, btw I make alot of my own terrain and table tops, just let me know if I can help, I have alot of free time, just email me and let me know.

  2. Lopezr says:

    Great work! it is coming along splendidly I cant wait to get in there and do some gaming! The lockers are a great idea!

    Ray Lopez

  3. el beyondo says:

    Such high ceilings! Have I said I’m excited yet?

  4. Doug says:

    The place is looking great. Like Shipley, I’m getting tired of driving to Baton Rouge so much for a gaming store. I’ll be glad not to be spending a gas tank every weekend.

  5. Doug says:

    Also, something that just occurred to me. While the amount of space dedicated to the various tables is quite reasonable for day to day, if tournaments are held there will likely be a need for more tables for games like Warhammer. I was curious as to what the plan might be for that. Like adding table tops to the card games area for the duration of the tournament and then removing them after, maybe? That kind of thing.

    • Jeremy says:

      We will make some 4′ toppers for the folding tables. I know at least Warmachine’s Hardcore tournaments have a pretty steep minimum on players, and we’ll want to meet that. I think the capacity on that layout is about 36 minis players or 54 card players.

      And if a tournament goes over capacity, we will make it work. It might mean rearranging the whole store for the day. It might mean borrowing, renting or buying more tables. But it will not mean denying an epic throw-down.

  6. mathhammer says:

    Looking forward to a new game shop in the city. If you need someone to run 40K tournaments let me know.


  7. Lee says:

    Thank god there’s going to be a new shop open! Houma to N.O. is much better than Houma to B.R. Can’t wait for y’all to open.