Service With an Appropriate Facial Expression

Customer service ranked third in important things! Jeremy and I both have long and varied histories in customer service and other relevant fields. We’ve learned some good skills and also seen a lot of ways not to do it. Recently, we’ve had other experiences that have really built up our capacity for patience and conflict resolution. (We can totally show you our sweet resumes to prove we’re awesome, if you want.)

We have a particular philosophy of service, and that’s what this post will discuss.

This store is not about what we personally want and need. It’s about you, gamers and geeks, and the community of gamers/geeks. We hope you can tell from this site that we want to know what’s important to you. We’re open-minded and have already adjusted our planning based on polls and comments here. Preview posts like this will help you know what to expect from us; good communication is one of the services we hope to provide.


The important things poll listed things important to us, and you told us which of those are most important to you. We’ve posted previously about some of those items: gaming space (also see The Field of Battle poll and What’s Your Game? poll), hours, drink selection (poll), and kid friendliness. Some other specifics mentioned in the important things comments were timely order fulfillment, friendly staff, and friendly clientele (see On Trolls). We’d like to address all of the other Important topics as well, and you can get a general feel of our direction from the About page. Check out the Two Rules at the end.

All Is One and One Is All

Customer service often means different things to different people. It’s usually a combination of things that comes across as good service. To us, it’s more than just being nice and helping you buy stuff, which is probably the easy part. We aim to give you an awesome experience every time you visit the store. Whatever we can do to build a welcoming, fun environment and reduce conflict becomes part of our customer service. Our mission to create and sustain a hub for gamer community drives everything we do. Our high expectations of ourselves and the community intertwine with our customer service; it’s all part of your experience within the store.

To Our Best Ability

We will be friendly and respectful to everyone. We will continue the kinds of conversations we’re having now about what the store could be like, remaining flexible and open-minded. We will encourage welcoming attitudes and generally positive behavior in the community and in ourselves. Our stock will represent a deep selection of the community’s favorite products and a broad selection of other products, and both will change from time to time. We will provide good signage and always assist you as needed in finding products, which will be organized to the best of our ability. We will provide an attractive, comfortable gaming and retail space. We will work constantly to increase our knowledge about gaming products and improve the store as its finances improve.

We’re not perfect, but you can expect us to improve as we go along. We’re already working hard to give this thing everything we’ve got. Trust me, my harshest critic is myself.

And a bonus from the store mom: I have every intention to make sure the store actually stays clean such that Febreeze is just a bonus. Ceiling fans everywhere, and no carpet in the gaming area to soak up the stench, for what it’s worth. Upholstery is a different matter, but there are good products out there.

We Mean Business

+1 Gaming isn’t a hobby for us, and we’re serious about attending to our customers. As a rule, we will not play games when on duty, except for running demos. If no one else is in the shop, we might play a casual game rather than leaving you bored. We will still need to be ready to stop as soon as someone else comes in.

The Limits of Yoga

Jeremy and I both tend to bend over backwards for people. If there happens to be a disagreement between you and us, you’ll get an honest and respectful attempt from us to come to a resolution. We’ve heard that the customer is not always right, so we don’t promise to always do what you want. We do promise not to cheat you or nickel-and-dime you, and to have clearly written store policies. You will know what to expect; we will go as far as we possibly can to accommodate you when there’s an issue. Also, Jeremy can’t actually do a physical backbend, so please don’t ask him!

Circle of Life

In my mind, everything leads back around to our partnership with you: the customers and community. (Surprised?) Let’s work together. Keep giving us feedback, preferably before publicly griping about us! We’ll only get better if we know about the problems. Sometimes, we’ll need input on how to solve them. Help us be awesome, and we’ll be awesome for you.

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