Magic 2011 Launch for Charity

Magic: The Gathering 2011 launches this weekend, and for every 1,000 attendees to the launch parties Wizards of the Coast will donate $1,100 to Child’s Play. Launch parties are the weekend of July 16 (yes, this weekend).

Child’s Play is a charity run by the video game-themed webcomic Penny Arcade. Each year they raise several truckloads of money to buy games and books for kids in children’s hospitals around the world.

Our September opening goal puts us a little out of range to participate in the M11 launch, but we heartily endorse bringing gaming to bed-ridden children. If you’re in the Metairie area, BSI Comics on Severn Ave. would be our pick. Otherwise, try WotC’s store locator. Even if you’re not a big Magic fan, consider doing whatever’s required to count as “attending” to get those numbers up.

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