In-Store Gaming Space

This week’s preview focuses on the gaming space, which is currently tied for the #1 important thing in our last poll. I’m sure everyone’s curious, and the pictures don’t really do it justice. So let’s dig in to it.

I’ve been sprucing up the 3D model here and there, to help demonstrate some of our ideas better. I also added some trendy, faceless mockeries of humanity for scale. Hope that helps.

Look at the Size of that Thing!

So how big is that? Well Captain, by my calculations we’ve got about 1,150 square feet of space dedicated to gaming. Within that space, you get:

  • Four 8′ folding tables in the foreground;
  • Four 8’x4′ tables and two 4’x4′ tables, all counter height;
  • Two small desks at the far right of this picture for a little private work space;
  • What I call “The Lounge” in the middle with a couch, two armchairs and a coffee table;
  • And of course a drink machine.

The floor will most likely be stained or painted concrete, so no worries about spills. We’ll build a lot of the tables ourselves (with your help when the time comes). There’s a whole A/C unit just for the back area, and we’re looking at ceiling fans throughout.

Fit for an Aquilonian King

Seating is important to us. We want folks to hang around and play games, which usually means a lot of sitting. Pictured to the right are the chairs we’re looking at right now. I can’t promise they’ll make the final cut, but you can at least see our priorities. Padding is a must, and back rests. We’ve also got a small stash of very comfortable office chairs (the spinning, rolling kind), which we’ll scatter around.

…That Little Extra

We made sure to leave plenty of space between tables. You’ll be able to get in and out without tripping over your neighbors. All chairs pictured are pulled out, not tucked in, and there’s about 2 feet at their narrowest spaces (like the aisle between card tables in the foreground).

Under the minis tables will be storage space for terrain and the like. We’ll keep some store stuff available. Hopefully people who use the stuff will be willing to chip in and make new terrain, so we can keep a fresh cycle available (’cause that stuff gets worn out fast).

The Lounge serves several purposes. First, it’s a fantastic spot for a roleplaying game, or quick card or board game. Second, it’s a great way to just hang out without taking up gaming space (especially during tournaments or events). If you’ve got a friend or significant other with you who’s not as interested in browsing, that’s a way more comfortable place to wait.

A Nice Tall Cool Glass of… What?

I’d love to give you a real answer on the drink machine, but we haven’t decided yet. Obviously there will be carbonated syrup water of some type. And snacks! Did we mention snacks? They’ll be by the counter. We’ll do a poll for these things soon enough.

5 responses to “In-Store Gaming Space”

  1. Joe says:

    Ok, first, stools. My concern with the ones pictured is that they will not hold up well. I have seen that model of stool break under normal household usage (I actually have one right now I can show you). Maybe just solid wooden stools, with a removable cushion and sacrifice the back. When gaming, I am always leaning over the table anyway.

    Second, food and drink. Why not have a fridge instead of a machine? You will lose some storage space ( It cant be out on the floor) and someone will have to sell the drinks instead of that being automated, but someone will always have to be there anyway. It should be a cheaper initial investment, and you can sell whatever you want, not just what fits into the fridge ( I love can drinks, others will think 20z bottles are better, etc). While on the thought of a fridge, give us a microwave, and use some of that fridge space for microwaveable food. Dont underestimate the amount of money you can make from food/snacks sales. I have seen that revenue make a huge difference in a stores bottom line.

    Ok, now im done.

    • Jeremy says:

      Good to know about the stools. We might have to look around some more.

      We are planning a ‘fridge at the counter for snacks. I neglected to mention it since it’s not in the gaming area, so sorry for that. The ‘fridge will have cold snacks and a couple drinks that aren’t vending-friendly (glass bottle root beer, anyone?). A microwave is a distinct possibility.

  2. Tim C says:

    Gaming space looks good. Should be more than enough room for smelly gamers to stink up :P Cieling fans wil be of great use in this endeavor!

    I also recommend a ‘fridge. They are multi purpose and will end up being mroe usefull than a drink machine. Keep a god array of snacks and drinks because that will do more for your store than most of the stale gaming product that would end up sitting around in inventory collecting dust. Btw…as you should know….Kids are addicted to sugar…don’t know why. So with that in mind- Keep sugar snacks available like snikers and garbage like that. It will sell to kiddie card gamers and hell, adult will buy it to.

  3. Matt R says:

    Who are all these skinny people in there? Glad to see someone try their hand at a gaming store in Metairie again. Good Luck.
    BTW there’s nothing wrong with a snack machine/coke machine, as long as its yours, on the other hand they require more maintenance than a fridge.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I would not recommend a fridge. If you are trying to sell drinks and snacks, you want them to be easily accessible. Having to go get someone to then go get the drink takes away from the value of the drink. It sound bizzare, but true. There is value in convenience. Snacks, can be either in a machine, or nexto the register. Also, backless, sturdy stools, are good enough. You give the card floppers a place to sit, and the dice chuckers usually are standing up or leaning forwards trying to figure out the next move.