The second-highest voted important thing was staying open late. For this week’s preview, I thought we’d talk about store hours, and touch on scheduling and events. It’s not set in stone yet, but this will let you know our current plans and where our priorities are. So first up:

Store Hours (Probably)

Tuesday – Thursday Noon – 10 pm
Friday Noon – Midnight
Saturday 10 am – Midnight
Sunday 10 am – 10 pm
Monday Closed

Our current plan is pretty simple. On weekdays we open at Noon. On Friday and Saturday we close at Midnight. We’re closed Monday so Allie and I can do planning, paperwork, and family stuff (and sleep!). Once we’re comfortable enough to consider an employee, that Monday part might change.

When it’s closing time we really will be closing. We’ll probably let you finish your last round or two, but we’re talking the under-half-an-hour range of staying open late here. That said, if it turns out a bunch of folks want to keep buying stuff and gaming ’til 2 am on Saturday, we’re willing to experiment.

Our Regularly Scheduled Program

We’re looking at outlining the week so each day focuses on a particular kind of game. On weekdays, it’d really just be for the evenings. Weekends will usually have more than one slot. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Tuesday Board games
Wednesday D&D Encounters, D&D Minis
Thursday TBD (CCGs? RPGs?)
Friday Friday Night Magic
Saturday Minis, open (usually non-weekly tournaments)
Sunday Yu-Gi-Oh!, open night

I want to stress this is tentative. I fully expect some shifting once it’s reality-tested with your schedules and preferences. Our goal is to give you clear times when you can find people who play your games. You’re totally free to play something else on those days; just know a big section of the gaming space will be set aside for whatever the game of the day is.

We Interrupt You For This Special Bulletin

We are all about some special events, be they tournaments, pre-release parties, movie or music nights, or storm trooper-themed discotechs. Saturdays and Sundays are intentionally sparse on regular planning to make room for that stuff. Allie would really like to do various “geek cultural events” on Sunday nights.

We’ll always push for lots of notice (minimum two weeks kind of notice). Most of the events will be monthly tournaments that are planned out well ahead of time. There’s usually an organizer or three for more popular games like Warhammer or Warmachine, who will stay on top of their schedules. If you’re an organizer, talk to us about your needs and we’ll be glad to work something out.

Can’t Stop the Signal

You’ve probably noticed our (sparse) calendar on the website already. That will always be kept up to date. There will also be a large wall calendar in the store. Lastly, we’ll use the email list and Facebook events to publicize special events. We’ll keep it very easy to stay on top of things, while trying our best not to harass you with events you don’t care about.


How does it look to you?

Are the hours late enough? Early enough?

Is your kind of game on the right day?

Comments are open.

10 responses to “Hours”

  1. Marcus says:

    I have never been to a FNM that finished before midnight. Something to consider for hours there.

  2. Adam says:

    Are gamers going to show up at 10am on a Sunday?

    • Jeremy says:

      I’m expecting younger gamers at earlier hours, but if nobody shows up we’ll just change the hours and sleep in.

  3. Ron says:

    Yeah, FNM does usually last until at LEAST 2am… most of the time. Great plans so far!!

  4. Corey says:

    Sounds like reasonable hours of operation to me. Though if history of other shops is to be any kind of indication the store tends to remain open after the register closes on the weekends. Will you be just closing the register at midnight on weekends or closing up shop?

    Also, how does FNM always run over like that? I thought those games were on time limits.

    • Jeremy says:

      We will really close at posted hours. If an event like FNM tends to run late, we’ll work with the organizer about either starting earlier or planning ahead to stay open later. And the register stays open as long as the doors do.

      Like I mentioned in the post though, if people regularly want to stay late and also keep buying stuff we’ll try later hours.

    • nightson says:

      Fifty minutes a round. Number of rounds depends on number of players. Playoffs are not timed. So at very minimum three hours plus time in between rounds for setting up matches, etc. If you have enough players for 5 rounds, you are looking at least 4 hours plus playoffs and breaks in between rounds.

  5. Tim C says:

    FNM always runs late as all hell. Plan to be opne later than you want to be.

    I like the hours so far. I sugest opening around noon on sundays to give yourselves some rest. Late saturday nights will start to wear on you very quickly. word of warning- Keep a fabreeze bottle handy on weekends.

  6. Jason says:

    The early hours or Saturday is good for days with a tourney for setup.

  7. Bill says:

    In regards to staying open later than posted, I would keep it just like you said. Adjust as needed. Febreeze should be always be in stock no matter what. Everything else looks great.