Welcome! (Also: Bugs)

The site just got launched. There’s probably bugs, and of course it’s pretty barren. We’ll get there.

Check out the Facebook page for now.

4 responses to “Welcome! (Also: Bugs)”

  1. Gene Pharr says:


    If you open, I will come and shop. :-) (Enthusiastically)

    I am a technical professional with some minor website development and network experience. If you need a digital plumber, please don’t hesitate to call.

    You need a “Home” button on your website, alongside the “About”, “Calendar”, and “Location” buttons…

    • Jeremy says:

      Thanks for the support, and the advice. :) I’d thrown this site together pretty quickly when we were able to make our opening official, and I’m retooling it almost daily.

      If you’re willing, email me sometime (jeremy@plus1gaming.com). I’d be glad to hear your thoughts on some future web plans.

  2. Arthur Jones says:

    Hey Jeremy,
    I am a 1/2400 scale naval wargamer(General Quarters 1-2). Are you thinking about carrying any products along this line, like GHQ micronauts or C in C? Will there be an area for folks like me to play (10 x 10 or so)? Check out Heat of Battle at the Natl WW2 Museum. Bon Chance.

    • Jeremy says:

      1/2400 scale naval games are still unfamiliar territory to me. I’m very interested in learning more about them, and I’m planning to be at Heat of Battle. The events at the WW2 Museum are very impressive, and I’d like to support it however we can.