The Power Is Yours!

I am regularly impressed by how many folks have offered to help. Seriously, give yourselves a high five.

So maybe you’ve offered, or you would but each time you try an attic whisperer steals your voice. What can you do?

Right Now

  1. Spread the word! This one’s on the easy (and obvious) side. Let other gamers or potential gamers know about +1 Gaming. If you’ve got one of those web-logs or post on the bulletin boards, drop a link to our site or Facebook page. We’ve even got a little banner for your sig. Here’s some pre-made code most forums will take:
  2. Speak your mind. Yes, we really do want to hear from you. Vote in polls, comment on posts, start a discussion on Facebook, or email Allie or me. Tell us your ideas, concerns, opinions… whatever you think your future game store owners need to know.
  3. Get on the email list. If you email we will put your email on our pre-opening email list. When there are bigger opportunities (and there will be), this will be the primary way to keep up with them. We won’t send you ads or mindless updates or anything; this list is strictly for pre-open. We’ll transition to a better email service once we’re open, and hopefully give you some options about the kinds of content you get.

In the Future

  1. Build the store. We’re hoping to organize at least one big work day where you can volunteer to help paint walls, build tables, set up fixtures, and all that good stuff. When the time comes, we’ll put up a registration form well in advance, probably with ways to tell us what skills or tools you can offer.
  2. Contribute content. We want to find ways to constantly add value and build community. We want to give the people who do this regularly a platform through this site. We’re not sure exactly what form that will take, and it’ll take time for those people to emerge.
  3. Be a leader. Speaking of people who add value, easily the most important thing you can do is model the kind of maturity, good sportsmanship, and participation you’d like to see at +1 Gaming. Don’t wait for someone else to do it first. Be that person.

Have an idea you to share? Did I miss something? Comments are open.

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