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Potential Store Layout

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We’re working toward signing our lease on our potential space at Independence Mall. To get ready, I put together a mock-up of the inside with Google SketchUp. We’ve been using it to arrange furniture and try color schemes.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

+1 Gaming Mock-Up (Top)

+1 Gaming Mock-Up (Angle)

23 responses to “Potential Store Layout”

  1. Lisa says:

    I have never been in a gaming store before so this is foreign to me, but I really do like the layout and really like the idea of having a place for the kids. Allie and Jeremy good luck on this new adventure . . . I hope that it is both successfully in an economic way, but even more than this it brings you both a great deal of personal satisfaction in doing something that had deep meaning for you and serves others in the community who are looking for such an outlet.

    Good gaming,


  2. John says:

    A fine layout. Of course I’m a minis guy, so I’m counting that up. As it stands you’ve made room for 20 Warmachine/Hordes players, or 12 Warhammer/40k players. Plus you seem to have room to lay out more tables for larger events.

    I anticipate you needing more room for wall space as you expand your inventory. That’s not a lot of wall space compared to the other stores that have come before you. But again, you look to have room to expand, so here’s hoping it works out.

    Though the one concern I have that I do not see- there is no place for storage. Extra tables, chairs, terrain, store copies of certain games and many other things will need room to stay tucked away when not in use.

    • Allie says:

      Our next draft has more wall space for minis. Storage space includes the closet (about 4.5′ x 18′?), some cabinets behind the counter, and room for terrain under the minis tables. Storage will be tight, but we’ll try to work with it.

  3. Adam says:

    Looks good. Make sure to put some kind of plastic mat on the floor by the painting area. Many carpets have battlescars due to spilled paint.

  4. Brian says:

    Well, just looking, that looks like less than 6′ of miniatures wall. Realistically with multiple miniature companies, thats not a lot of space. Also I know galactic had 8×4 tables- realistically it was a waste of space, unless you plan on 4×4 games being the pre-dominate format. You might say people need space on top, they dont you can use shelving underneath etc. Also you may wanna check with little wars as to where and how they keep the terrain, I think they have put away policy- which would be very helpful.

  5. Brian says:

    Another thing, you might want the computer station closer to the counter to see what people may be doing on the computer.

  6. Brian says:

    How many sq feet?

  7. Jeremy says:

    It’s 2,565 sq-ft. The minis wall shown is 15 ft. long and 6 ft. tall. The perspective might be distorting it a bit. Each shelf section is 4 ft. long (the longer ones are two sections put together).

  8. Corey says:

    Looking really good. Lots of space and looks like really good use of the space. Still liking that kids area too. Great idea.

  9. Daniel Z says:

    The only thing I wonder is would space be better served putting the RPG books behind the tables you would be using to play RPG on? That way you could have more game playing space in the middle?

    • Allie says:

      The plan is to have the retail space up front to make it visible and easy to get in and out if you’re just shopping. Also I hope that separation will emphasize that unpurchased merchandise is not for playing with… It seems like there’s less in-store RPG playing than other game types, but we’ll see how it goes and adapt.

  10. brad says:

    Man, I hope y’all did your math right because I really like it. I deffinatly can’t wait for opening day. Good luck :)

  11. Travis says:

    I think it would be a good idea to rotate the RPG shelves in the center so that the person behind the counter has a clear line of sight to the mini wall. I know everyone tries to keep theft down, but if you have a blindspot like that, people will try to take advantage of it. I suggest the walkways between the shelves be angled so the cashier can see through those to the other wall.

  12. Bill says:

    Looks like a nice general layout for the start. I hope the best for you and can’t wait to see it in action.

  13. Rob says:

    I like the layout. Like most things, if you find something doesn’t work I’m sure you’ll change it.

    Brian has a good suggestion about the computer, but since you’re pretty computer savvy you could probably block porn or NSFW sites. If you can filter it, then it’s fine. If you can’t or don’t choose to, I’d suggest that you restrict it’s use to 18 and over, then keep it close where you can watch the user.

    Also, I have some ideas about the tables. A way to keep them semi-mobile with rollers and include cabinets under them to store terrain. Catch me on my way into the building one morning. :)

  14. Joey says:

    Looks like an emphasis on play space over inventory. Not a bad idea, but with limited inventory, it may be difficult to maintain an inventory that sells. I will definitely be there though, and I will support it as best I can.

  15. matthew says:

    I definitely like the idea of the tables being on locking rollers and storage space under the tables…

    there are items that people will always agree to disagree on but in general the important things are: onhand inventory, card sleeves, sci-fi fantasy games to historical games, terrain, table space, casual play space to tournament space… refreshments and some light snack foods… Whether or not adult beverages will be allowed or if there is a restriction time on that… Rules… and putting your foot down… those are the things that I see the most… To survive in this city in this economy is not easy but its doable and you need a plan and you need to stick by your guns… Not everyone is going to be happy all the time with choices YOU make but you will make choices for the good of your stress level, the business and finally the gamers playing there… To attract new gamers its the old gamers that have to show them how to play and what is great about this compared to WOW online… thats the way i feel personally… Ill take .2c from anyone but Stores have come and gone and its too darn bad but we all hope for gaming space and a place to buy the best, the newest and the cheesiet… and to kick a battlemech when he is down based of my experience at bayou wars…

    (walt burgoyne at the world war 2 museum wants to have you be the supplier for a wide range of history games for the area FOG and other wise, if you contact him at WWII museum you should get some more information and players/distributors)

    (and if you or anyone have a unique ww2 history game now is the time to register for heat of battle iv. If you GM a game at heat as the main GM you get in for free… Definitely worth it. I will be running 2 war at sea set ups there for axis and allies)

    I recommend the american sector restaurant if you are going to heat.. The box lunches are ok, but for the same amount you can have a sandwich and drink at american sector… Beef tongue sandwich and hearts and gizzards appetizer are awesome as well as the ramos gin fizz

    • Allie says:

      Rollers and storage, yes. We have feet, and they will be down.
      And we hope to have food in the store–it would be prepackaged to simplify permitting. You’d still be welcome to bring food in, but we hope to make it affordable not to.

    • matthew says:

      I am completely fine with prepackaged food… I have a sams club membership myself and even though they are more expensive I am buying the turkey microwave breakfast sandwiches (ground turkey, english muffin, egg and cheese) instead of beef… Stuff like that from sams though is worth it… I dont want to have to keep running out and doing more stuff even though with a sushi restaurant, houstons, the ice cream shop and everything else around there you guys should be getting kickbacks from them for th amount of business you will be bringing them… From me at least… and charging the food equivalent of a cork fee to tease everyone bringing food into the store from those places…

      Terrain is getting cheaper to buy at some places but it still isnt cheap… I have some of the older mechwarrior terrain still but geez the stuff you give up and later realize you shouldnt have…